Food, Glorious Food

But, is your food killing you?

Is your food killing you?

     That seems an odd question to ask, you might say. Well, it was odd to me too, the first time it popped into my head. Got to be a trick question then? Yeah, but it’s not. It’s just a simple question—a question that any old numb-nut should know the answer to, right? Right! So what is the answer? Do you know?

     This, is the first part of a series of posts on the topic of food, and whether it is good for you, or rather, why it is not good for you. Before I go any further though, allow me to ask you a quick question. Have you ever tried to pass along helpful information about something you believe in, only to find that no one will listen? Of course you have, and this is the problem I am facing in starting this blog. Everyone is an “expert”, at least, they think they are. Right? Wrong! That is simply not true. You will struggle to believe what I am about to tell you, because you’ve been told otherwise, by experts. But industry does not tell you the facts. My hope is that somehow, through the process of writing of this blog we might discover the facts, and people might begin to open their minds, in whatever small way, and finally embrace the truth. it will save their lives.

     The answer

     So, is your food killing you, or not? The answer, quite simply, is yes! If you do not buy your food from organic farmers, if you live on take-out and not on quality home cooked meals (organic, homegrown meals). Or, if you love the convenience of prepackaged, highly processed frozen rubbish, then yes, your food is killing you.

     There has never been a time in history when the average man/woman’s diet has undergone such intense scrutiny. Yet despite national and international attention,  a glut of research information, and despite massive media debate over the whole food/health issue in general, nothing has been done to change the facts. Much of the Western populations remain obese and dangerously unhealthy, while the developing world lingers upon starvation and an even worse health crisis than the West. A small percentage of the worlds population are sick and dying, due mainly to their over indulgence, their own greed and gluttony (Yep, I’ll say it). While the poorer majority of the global population die from a lack of even the most basic of foods! One way or another, be it too little or too much, food is killing us. Sadly, this does not have to be the case.

     Having said all that, the main focus of this issue in not whether we’re fed too much or fed to little, the pointy end, this time, is the poisonous condition of our food. Should industry techniques such as the irradiation of the humble potato, for instance, which inhibits the rotting process and turns a potato carcinogenic, be allowed to continue? I think not! You all know radiation is deadly, right? That it builds up in the human body? That there is no real safe level?

     Organic; the only smart choice

     Organic grown, and cared for foods, costs more because they cannot be kept in storage for such long periods without rotting. Irradiation makes it viable for supermarkets to buy-in large, bulk quantities, thus saving on the cost. But what is the cost to you? I’ll leave you wonder for yourselves what other nasty industry standards and procedures might be employed to treat the rest of your “FRESH” fruit and vegetables.

     But aren’t people living longer today than ever before? (Pre-Abrahamic history excluded). Yes, they are, but they are not living healthier. On average, life expectancy has increased, however, this is due to the medical professions ability to “treat” illnesses, and keep patients alive. Well, if you can call living with Alzheimer and other such diseases, a life. Medicine does not cure anymore, it treats. There is a big difference. (Herein lie a few issues that will become separate blog posts of their own, be certain of that). So, how come our food so unhealthy for us? Simply put, store bought food (With few exceptions) is not what it appears to be.

     Even with copious quantities of media attention, public forum, and political bum scratching, nothing has been done to regulate the quality of our food. You’d think such important debates, over the freshness and cost of our fruits and vegetables would produce some favorable results (Heck, supermarket-chain “wars” are waged over these two important aspects alone), but it doesn’t, and it won’t. The food industry is large and powerful and answers to nobody, least of all to an outside regulatory body. It is left up to the industry to regulate itself, through honest and fair practices. Ha! The government stamps its approval on your food because the industry tells them it is safe for human consumption. And so, the whole impassioned fiasco continues. The media (Pawns of another industry—an industry that beats a drum to the rhythm of a completely different agenda—also a topic for another day), informs us that we are getting the best quality food possible. They tell us our food is fresh and we believe them, but it is not fresh. Meat can be as much as 2 weeks old, packed with chemicals and gasses, hormones and antibiotics, and still be sold as fresh meat. But I digress, don’t get me started on meat.

     Let the supermarkets battle all they like over who has the freshest fruit and veg, and which chain cost less for the same items, just don’t be fooled by their hype. Their war is nothing more than a smoke screen designed to keep you looking in the wrong direction. Fruit and veg is cold stored for months, some items up to a year. Even with these two aspects, freshness and prices, as important as they are, these are not the under pinning crux of my story, nor the sole reason your food is killing you.

     “Mmm, but where to start? Thinking, thinking.” Okay! It is with much chin rubbing, and with elbows sore and reddened that I have decided it would be counter productive to beat around the bush with this issue. I need to be as blunt as I can, and say it in as few words as possible. Because I have concerns about upsetting the food industry, I feel the need to say it all in some sort of “nerd” code, in the hope of watering it down. Though, in the past, I have found that most people are not interested in reading articles jammed with industry jargon and boring facts. People barely tolerate listening to the truth at the best of times. Especially if the truth is not clear. And in this case, if the truth means changing their behavior or their diet, even if it is for their own good, and even though in this case it could mean they’ll live longer, or at least healthier, people will willingly chose to turn a deaf ear.

     However, without trying to be blunt and or sound rude, if YOU and I, and the rest of the world do not make a conscientious and sustained effort to get our bodies healthy, statistically, we will either die young, or suffer for the rest of our lives with of one of 3 serious illnesses. You can look forward to the onset of these before the age 55, (cancer, heart disease or diabetes). FYI, a lethal dose of all 3 is an increasingly common possibility. Most people consider exercise to be their savior. You can always just exercise it off later, right? Yeah, sure! Enjoy yourselves today and let tomorrow take care of itself (the very attitude that got us into this mess in the first place). While exercise is of some benefit,  remain content to think you can reverse the damage by taking a walk every night. It is not the weight that is the problem. It is the accumulation of chemical damage that is the problem.

     Getting to the point

     “How”  your food is killing you is perhaps a more urgent question. “Why” on the other hand, is a much deeper and darker tale. Some people believe that when they crave a particular food, it is their body telling them they are in need of a specific vitamin or mineral. Hogwash! How many people crave for fast foods: hamburger, pizza or fried chicken, hands up? (Wiseguy raises both hands)! All of us have at some point in our life. Though I’ll guarantee you it is craved not for the nutrients in that burger/greasy pizza slice or the fizzy drink. You crave for the carbohydrates, the processed, refined, white sugar. (The stuff is poisonous, according to Dr. William Coda Martin). The truth is if we eat right, we stay healthy and should rarely feel hungry, and absolutely NEVER crave. The body needs a surprisingly small amount of a variety of foods to remain fit and healthy. Though, that amount varies depending on the level of energy we burn.

      In an article by William Dufty, ‘Why Sugar Is Toxic To The Body,’ he writes: “In 1957, Dr. William Coda Martin tried to answer the question: When is a food a food and when is it a poison?  Dr. Martin classified refined sugar as a poison because it has been depleted of its life forces, vitamins and minerals. “What is left consists of pure, refined carbohydrates. The body cannot utilize this refined starch and carbohydrate unless the depleted proteins, vitamins and minerals are present. Nature supplies these elements in each plant in quantities sufficient to metabolize the carbohydrate in that particular plant.”‘ (Read the rest of the article, I recommend it).  <>

     Similarly, in another article by Michael Dye titled, ‘Sugar: Leaving a Legacy of Dental Decay, Obesity, and Dysfunctional Immune Systems for our Children’, he quotes from Paul Stitt’s book: ‘In Beating the Food Giants, that “The truth is that most of the garbage sold in supermarkets isn’t really food at all. Some of it is really candy, most of it is really poison. But it’s not food… These products should be revealed for what they are, so that people can decide for themselves. For instance, Kellogg’s Sugar Smacks, a product that’s more than 50% sugar, should not be called a cereal. The word ‘cereal’ denotes a food made from grain, but Sugar Smacks isn’t a food and what little grain is left in it has been robbed of its nourishment. Sugar Smacks is a candy and that’s what it should be called. When mothers across the nation find out they’ve been giving their kids candy for breakfast, Kellogg’s — and all the other pre-sweetened breakfast cereal producers — will soon be out of business.”‘ (Read the whole article): <>

     Now, you’re starting to get the picture about sugar. However, I’ll stop here and simply encourage you to do some homework on the subject. There is an absolute library of information available over the web about this subject and it just seems redundant for me to repeat what has already been said.

     So, sugar is bad, right, really bad? Well, actually, refined, processed, white sugar is bad. Raw, organic, unrefined sugar is good for you. What the? Yep, RAW sugar is good for you, though be careful to buy from a reputable organic food store as most supermarkets stock a raw sugar that is nothing more than white sugar with colour and flavour added. What the? Yeah, and that makes it even worse. So, RAW sugar is okay for us? Yes, but guess which sugar the food industry crams into your goodies? Mmm, you know they do. But why do they, if it is so bad? That is the big question. Is it just the price? You’d think by not refining sugar it would make it cheaper. Or is there something more sinister a foot. These and many other sickening questions will be answered eventually.

     So in closing remember, do some research and if you absolutely can’t give up sugar, make sure you use RAW organic sugar.

     Still not convinced, then let me leave you with a story about a baby food manufacturer that sold America’s most popular apple juice for babies. The juice was found to contain, in almost all samples tested, NO actual apple juice, reconstituted or otherwise. In fact, when traces of apples were found, the amounts were so small they were deemed insignificant. So, if this apple juice, sold as baby apple juice, for infants, was made without using apples, how could they sell it, you wonder? The food industry does not give a second thought to you, the consumer. They care only about profit, that’s the bottom line.

     Then what was this concoction labeled apple juice, actually made from? Chemicals of course, chemicals and water.  That’s all. If that shocks you, it’s about time. Though, take a guess at what the rest of your food is made from? You don’t believe their is real fruit juice in soda, do you? Anyway, when finally caught these evil, lying cheats quickly and secretly shipped all the remaining juice to other states, and to overseas countries in order for them to be sold there, so as not to lose the profits. Eventually they lost the case and were fined. But, the sale of the remaining apple juice (and I struggle to call it that), more than covered the cost of any fines. At present there are 100,000 chemicals already sanctified and deemed safe to be used in your food, (all hail the FDA. What a fine job they do). Not!

     So, there’s the first 2 deadly secret of the food industry. Chemicals and refined sugar. Next, we’ll delve into salt, and whether it is actually bad for you. You’ll be shocked at the truth.